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“A winner takes a big problem and separates it into smaller parts so that it can be more easily manipulated; a loser takes a lot of little problems and rolls them together until they are unsolvable.” ~ Syndey J. Harris

The Downey Group provides high quality life insurance, long term care, disability programs, and related solutions, for affluent individuals, families, and businesses. We work closely with you to help accomplish a variety of wealth accumulation, preservation, and transfer objectives.

  • Our clients are private company owners, entrepreneurs, families, public companies, large professional, law, accounting and medical groups, charities, and executives.
  • We specialize in all aspects of wealth transfer, business succession, executive compensation, asset protection, and charitable gift planning. We offer cutting edge life insurance products specifically tailored to your needs, and responsive, high quality life insurance policy service.
  • We are an independent firm with a national practice and reputation. We are not tied to any one insurance carrier. We are a member of M Financial, a network of some of the finest independent investment and insurance firms in the United States. Through M, you have access to proprietary products and services designed specifically for the needs of wealthy individuals and groups.

Our process starts with helping you determine your goals, mission, and objectives; it is the essential beginning point.

  • We work as a team with your attorneys, tax and other professionals.
  • Our focus is helping you formulate comprehensive, thoughtful strategies, of which life insurance is one component.

Our team has decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest products and techniques. It would be our pleasure to meet with you to discuss our services in more detail, and how we can benefit you and help you address your goals. There is no obligation.

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