Our Products

“Don’t find clients for your products, find products for your clients.” ~ Anonymous

Life, long term care, and disability insurance policies have many design variables. Policies for affluent individuals are not “off the shelf” commodities.

Our services include:


We will analyze your existing insurance to evaluate its status, efficiency, and structure, and to identify potential issues or needed action.


After your objectives are clearly formulated, we determine what policy designs, types, and funding plans suit your objectives.

Insurer Research and Comparison

We will compare policies available from multiple carriers to help find favorable policy characteristics, underwriting, and pricing for you. We evaluate fundamental carrier strength, illustration credibility, carrier treatment of policyholders, and commitment to the upscale market, considering your specific situation, objectives, and risk tolerance.

Underwriting Assistance and Negotiation

Because of our industry involvement and contacts, we can often obtain favorable underwriting, pricing, or other terms for our clients. We coordinate underwriting to reduce the number of examinations and tests, control disclosure of financial information, and in appropriate cases, prevent exposure to the reinsurance market.

Ongoing Policy Service

We help you monitor policies through personal meetings, analysis, and information such as annual inforce reports, imputed income, and compliance reminders.

We have excluxive access to products and services which are designed especially for high net worth individuals.