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Carrier relationships drive strong solutions and service. M Financial Group ™ has strategic alliances with a select group of major insurance companies chosen for their financial strength, product performance, management accessibility and capabilities, dedication to the affluent market, and willingness to commit substantial resources to servicing the unique client needs of M Member Firms.

Partner Carriers

These strategically important and culturally aligned partnerships provide M Member Firms differentiated solutions in such areas as products, risk-sharing, services, underwriting/new business, resource allocation, and marketing/education collaboration.

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Associate Carriers

Associate Carrier relationships give M Member Firms and clients broad access to all of the carrier’s product offerings and potentially differentiated solutions exclusive to M as well.

Specialty Carriers

Narrower in focus, Specialty Carrier relationships typically represent a niche offering, such as international business, executive benefits, or recordkeeping services.

Other Carriers

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