Our first priority is to listen to our clients, help them define and articulate what they want to accomplish, and then tailor our services to meet their needs.

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Often, the less you know about a subject, the easier it is to be absolute.
–David J. Downey


  • We provide high quality life, long term care, and disability insurance products, service, and exceptional intangible value, on a cost effective basis. We believe in policy designs that align our clients’ interest in excellent, ongoing service, with our interest. We believe in educating our clients about the options available to them. Some clients want help developing a comprehensive plan, of which life insurance is just one component. Other clients need help designing and implementing a specific insurance plan. Some simply want assistance in the design and procurement of particular coverage.
  • Our “value-added” depends on our clients’ needs. It may be in providing ongoing consultation with respect to technical or personal decisions, in coordinating the services of all advisors, or in acting as a resource in areas not directly related to the placing of life insurance. It may be in providing long term coaching, in facilitating family or business communication, or education. We will help you update and modify your plans, over time, in light of changes in your circumstances and goals.
  • Our philosophy is to provide exceptional products and service as a long-term basis; not just to make a sale.
  • We do not try to be all things, to all people. We are not investment advisors. We do not practice law, prepare tax returns, or give tax advice. We believe our clients benefit from our exclusive focus on providing the highest quality life and disability products and planning, working as a team with other independent experts, specializing in other areas. Our clients have the benefit of the best advisors from various disciplines. We are compensated for results, for plans implemented after conscious, carefully thought out analysis – not for the amount of time we spend.